About us

Since 2012, PGG Private Grundvermögen Geschäftsführungs GmbH has been responsible for the preparation and processing of the real estate investments of our Berlin Family Office, in which we increasingly involve private equity partners. Since 2016, in addition to our home market Berlin, we have also developed the Leipzig and Halle region as a further focus for our investments and have our own local structure to realize purchase processes of the usual quality and speed.

This allows us to purchase property portfolios as well as developments in addition to the purchase of classic residential properties. The purchase price volume without incidental costs has reached over 240 million euros in the last three years. For the year 2019, we are aiming for a purchase volume of approx. EUR 100 million, but we have sufficient equity capital commitments to adjust this target to the opportunities that arise.

By specializing in the acquisition of real estate, we quickly and precisely form all areas of due diligence with a well-trained team. The results flow into a detailed business plan, so we know exactly at what price the purchase is economical for us. This makes a subsequent correction of our purchase bids unnecessary. Our business partners appreciate the reliability of the agreements made with us.